Different Similarities

As we grow, we will encounter and meet a lot of people. They will give us lessons and leave, some stays. But sometimes, no, all the time, the most influential and important persons in our lives are those we didn’t and we almost don’t have time with. In my existence, they are the one who give meaning to my life.

My dad and he are two of my favorite persons. They are both protective. Sometimes, they are overprotective that leads to overreacting and they are sometimes being paranoids. I love them both. They treat me like a princess. Endless happiness comes in the way when I am with them. They can make me laugh so easily. They are both my happy pill. In fact, they give me and let me do the things I really want. I can clearly say that they spoil me. The two of them ensures my safety everytime. They want to make sure that I go home safely. Without my dad, I am not alive, I do not exist and I am nothing today. But without him, I can’t go this far with the characteristics and everything that I have.

Well, my dad, until now, he treats me as a little girl. I grew up not knowing how to do commutes and even cross the road. He always picks me up and drop me off to the places I need to go to. Not until he suffered stroke, twice. That’s the time he never gets to recover, he is bed-ridden. When we make mistakes, he gets mad easily. Sometimes, I mean, a lot of time, he even shouts at me, at us. And sometimes he curses with anger. But I know he is just worried. He just can’t understand that I grew up a lot since that day. And it is because of him, the person that I am with.

He changed me. Not the change that changes my personality, but he changes me to the better version of me. He emitted my dependency attitude. I learn how to commute. He even pushes me to be the one who orders our food when we eat on food chains. In fact, almost everytime we buy something, he encourages me to do the honor. He teaches me how to treat other people right and how to deal with them. I learn how to be independent somehow, but that dependency on him is still in me. Another thing is, he teaches me not to give up on things I really want. Also, when he gets mad, he never shouted on me neither cursing. He never directly expresses his anger. He just don’t want to talk to me and that will be better.

Having both of them in my life makes two different changes in me. I wouldn’t be me if I don’t have them.


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