It is not just a Sport

I started to play it as just a past time, a leisure time, or what so ever others may think of it. I didn’t take it seriously back then. Especially at first, I was so concerned on having tan-lines and getting tan. But when I started to play for like a year, I was hooked already.

Stopping and raising up a fast spiked ball, hitting the ball and it touches the ground, point by point, it feels so good. The heavy breathing, bruises, sweats, sprains and muscle pains, I started to embrace them. It’s all worth it at the other hand.

I do firmly believe that this team sport, Volleyball, is a good form of a hobby and at the same time, a good form of exercise. With all this running, jumping and squats in the game, you’ll be able to work a ton  of muscles in your body. Well, it is effective if you do it right. Please never worry about your tan lines and your bruises and all the pain. I swear, it will all be worth it.

First and foremost, if you want and need a fit and firm and an active body, you can count on this. It involves lots of running. It will tune up you thigh and leg muscles. I promise, it looks so good! I am actually planning to continue my journey and career to achieve the good-looking-thigh-muscles that I wanted, like the phenom, Alyssa Valdez. It won’t be that fluffy nor skinny one. Jumping is also a thing. It strengthens and improves the lower portion of our body’s strength and abilities.

In addition to this, more volleyball skills like the receiving and spiking is a must. Receiving or passing involves the functioning of our upper and lower body. I will also improves one’s posture if it is done right. Also in spiking! Spiking the ball needs the cooperation of hundreds of muscles in our body. From your approach to jumping, to hitting the ball and even until our landing, it definitely needs a lot of footwork, leg, thigh, core, back, triceps and biceps work and a lot more. No joke! And of course! You don’t need to have your own workout routine with the tons of drills in regular training.  And no diets included and needed.

Aside from these, volleyball also improves our social skills. It is obviously a team sports needing a good and strong foundation among your teammates. Your team is your ally, your friend, and your family.

Moreover, it also improves one’s thinking skills and reflexes or reaction time. While inside the game, you will be able to think fast what would be your next move in order to make a point for the team. You will be able to think on how to pass through all these giant walls i front of you and how you will be able to read their next move and play. You will also be able to improve your reflexes and your agility on reacting to what’s your opponent might be able to do.

Any team sport will have these benefits. But I assure you, volleyball is one of the best physical activities everyone should try.


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