I’ve been waiting for you

I am the kind of person who truly treasure every person that is part of my life. i want to hold unto them and just be myself to keep them and nothing will ever change. I don’t want to be alone, again. I have them and that is the greatest thing I have.

When I was younger, I kept on asking myself, “What is wrong with me?” “What did I do wrong?” “Why did everyone keeps on leaving and forgetting me?”. Because since I was in kindergarten, I will honestly and proudly say that I really do not have friends that stayed long. They keep on abandoning me like I was nothing. I did my best to be a good friend for them but why are they here for me like for temporary only. Every year, I will hardly try to get along with new friends. I would try to change myself just to belong. But nothing works.

For the 6 years I stayed in elementary, there is just this circle of friends that I keep in touch with. They are my friends when I was in grade 6.

Entering high school for me is difficult. Dealing with new people, people that I never knew. All my classmates in elementary that went to the same school as I did, they actually had their circle of friends, like they didn’t know me. In fact, no one even did dare to sit beside me.

As I enter grade 9, I had these 2 girl friends. We are always together. But when we enter grade 10, I’ve been with the best girl friends in the world. Up until now, we’ve been the best squad whom you’ll see in every activity. The group that is active and the group that is always there with you no matter what.

I once realize that maybe, maybe God didn’t give me the true friends in the past years is because he will give me the best of the best friends in the right time. And now that they are here, now that I have them, I will treasure them and treasure every moment with them. I have them and that is the greatest thing I have.


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